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  • Glasgow Smile Clinic
    “Systems Finance really helped us out when we were in difficulty as a result of Covid 19 and lockdown. Dentistry was shutdown overnight and we had no source of income.  Systems Finance were knowledgeable, friendly and offered great advice. We applied for a CBILS loan and were guided by them when our bank was being […]
  • Instant Business Communications
    “Leasing is the life-blood of our business. When COVID hit, our previous lender that we did all of our leasing through stopped paying our invoices and tightened their underwriting criteria making it near impossible to get an approval. Time kills deals for us, so having a responsive leasing company is critical to the running of […]
  • Krypton IT Solutions
    “Max & Systems Finance have genuinely never let me down with an opportunity I’ve referred to them. Diligent, thorough, motivated and truly understand the solutions we sell, they are a true asset to a reseller who needs a leasing company they can use and abuse!” Darren Shaw, Sales Director, Krypton IT Solutions