Whether you’re a small VAR or a large established reseller, leasing and finance is a critical sales tool.

Systems Finance has been helping resellers and solution providers offer flexible leasing options to their clients for over 20 years.

Our unrivalled technology offering available through our technology division allows you to reap the benefits of market leading/best/most innovative tools.

Instant credit decisions, e-sign documents and a dedicated account manager give you the best chance of winning a deal and enable you to get on with what you do best, selling your solutions. Credit backed decisions within 15 minutes of receiving the go ahead to propose the deal, combined with e-sign documents enables us to help you close deals efficiently and professionally, negating the lag that sometimes used to occur between getting the go ahead from the client and the finance documents over to them.

Benefits to dealers:

  • Quicker than cash – Get paid faster. Opportunities processed for pay out before midday usually pay out that day. 95% of deals pay out within 24 hours of sending the invoice in with complete documentation.
  • Flexible deal size – Small desk phone solution? No problem – We can finance opportunities from £1000 upwards ensuring smaller businesses have access to the same technology to help them grow their business with the same tax friendly finance options
  • Avoid the race to the bottom and protect your margins with leasing. Orders tend to be higher value when leasing is used
  • Upsell your solution – Access to premium, top of the range products for small increases in monthly repayments
  • A dedicated account manager to help you stay on top of your client base – we will inform you 12, 6 and 3 months before a client’s agreement is due to finish enabling you to keep contact and offer vital upgrades to keep their tech up to date

Client Benefits:

  • Tax efficient products – Leasing is corporation tax friendly (insert text about corp tax benefits).
  • The newest. Most innovative tech to enable fast and continued growth through user friendly solutions – Get on with running your business with the peace of mind your systems are state of the art.
  • Budgeting and cash flow friendly – flat, manageable payments through fixed monthly payments – Cash is tighter than ever, so leasing is a fantastic way to protect your cash reserves

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