At Systems Finance we offer more than just Asset Finance. A large part of our business is providing a commercial finance loan and cash flow-based lending to our clients.

The commercial finance loan market can seem quite complicated, especially as more lenders enter the ‘alternative lending’ market. This now makes up a large part of the modern lending market.

The positive side of this is as businesses have become more and more frustrated with the lack of service and personability from their High Street bank – the alternative finance market is providing a welcoming, personal approach to business finance. Really taking the time to understand your business and your requirements with the aim being to provide funding that genuinely works for you.

Working Capital

Working capital loans provide a simple, low-cost way to borrow for your business. Usually working capital loans cover elements of the business that come under everyday expenditure. For example this can inlcude rent, staff costs and overheads. However, we often find companies looking to grow or expand utilise this product.

Traditionally the term is between 6 months and 5 years and is very straight forward to facilitate. This type of facility is usually unsecured or requires directors/personal guarantees depending on your business credit scoring.

Short Term Cash Flow Loans

These facilities are traditionally from 3 – 12 months and usually range from £5,000.00 – £100,000.00. The attraction of these facilities is their flexibility. As with working capital loans they can be settled without penalty (meaning you only pay interest up until settlement) and are designed to be implemented extremely quickly. Systems Finance prides itself on being able to have funds deposited within 24-48 hours (credit dependant).

Secured Lending

Secured lending puts a form of charge on property owns by the client or company. We work with several lenders in this sector and have the ability to achieve exceptional rates, whether it be through our high street lender relationships or challenger banks and high net worth individuals.

This type of facility is traditionally used for several reasons

  • To achieve the most competitive rates in the market when looking to expand or grow the business. This is usually predicated on evidence of growth and profitability. Arguably the best and most cost-effective way to grow the business.
  • If a client has already utilised their unsecured lending options and the lenders are exposed. Then secured funding may be an option that previously may not have been considered.
  • Consolidation of Business Debt. We often come across businesses that are looking to pay off multiple high interest loans by consolidating them with a facility with much lower cost of funds. This is generally done through security being placed on property and the high interest lenders being paid off and replaced with one low interest/interest only facility that allows for a manageable monthly repayment.

Commercial Mortgage and Bridging Loans

It comes with the territory that as a commercial finance company, our clients are often looking at purchasing commercial property as a sound investment. We can arrange a highly competitive facility as and when required.

We understand Commercial bridging facilities need to be dealt with at speed and with precision. If there is anything you require please do not hesitate to get in touch as soon as possible.

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