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At Systems Finance we work with some of the UK’s most successful and established asset resellers from multiple industries. We pride ourselves on an exceptional level of service. Understanding what is expected from a reseller to forge a partnership that stands the test of time is key to a succesffull partnership. We truly recognise the value of long term relationships, especially when it comes down to crunch time. You need a finance company in your corner that you know will go the extra mile. Making sure that every opportunity you are working on is won. So offer finance to customers today and find out how we can help grow your business together.

A recent study was carried out by Forrester to analyse the results of companies offering finance to customers. The study showed that the companies who adopted flexible finance solutions on the products/services they offer, saw sales rise by up to 32%.

Why Offer Finance to Your Customers?

Competitive Advantage

Gain an advantage over your competitors by offering a cheaper finance option and avoiding price comparisons.

Improve Your Cash Flow

As soon as the equipment is installed, you get paid in full straight away.

Opportunity to Up-Sell

Customers can gain access to the latest technology without having to pay huge upfront costs, it may be a small increase in monthly payments to offer your best solution.

Repeat Business

Your customer can add equipment to the lease at any point. At the end of the agreement, you have the chance to get back in touch and offer the latest equipment or machinery.

Why Choose Systems Finance?

  • Increase Sales

    Actively offering leasing can vastly increase your prospective client base, in turn boosting sale quantity as well as average order value.

  • Dedicated Account Manager

    An assigned account manager will look after you from the moment you get in touch.

  • Improves Customer Retention

    Using leasing is highly effective at increasing your customer retention rate. If a customer would like to renew or upgrade it is easily actionable as they have a monthly spend that is budgeted for.

  • We Pass Business Back

    With our client base of customers always looking for new equipment, it provides a great opportunity to recommend you as a supplier.

  • Quick Quote

    An enquiry form facility which gets sent to a dedicated account manager to create a FREE, quick, no hassle quote.

  • Eliminates Risk

    If you have a customer signed up on a finance agreement and for whatever reason the company stops paying their agreement it has absolutely no effect on you as the supplier.

  • Sales Training

    We can provide sales training for the whole team to ensure that you can understand the process and discuss with your customers.

  • Increased Payment Speed

    With invoices being paid within 48 hours from being sent this significantly benefits your cash flow. You do not have to wait and aren’t required to chase your customers, keeping the relationship sound.

For more information on the options available to you, please see our details below and get in touch!

offer finance to customers

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