Software finance is a huge part of what we do. It is an industry experiencing a significant upwards trend, in line with modern technological advancements. Most of our clients, no matter what the sector, utilise software on a day to day basis. Some of these software products are sold on a monthly subscription in which they pay the supplier directly. There are however software products that require payment upfront. These are prevalent in many sectors, but most commonly in logistics, architecture and design, warehousing, and retail. It is here that Systems Finance can assist.

Allowing customers to finance software over a 1-5-year period gives them the flexibility to choose their repayment period. This can be done over a monthly, quarterly, or annual term. Software finance also allows for multiyear discounts that are offered when purchasing software. This is applicable to a plethora of sectors, industries, and their intrinsic software requirements. A few examples being Business Critical applications, CAD, CAM, Cyber Security, ERP and Anti-Virus Software.

If you are looking at a specific product but after receiving the quotation, feel that the capital outlay would put burden on the cash flow of your company then we can help. Systems Finance work with every technology lender in the UK market and therefor wade through the options and find you the most competitive, easily accessible solution.

Often software finance is the quickest and easiest lending available and decisions are almost instantaneous. This is due to the fact lenders in this market have heavily invested in their own software to increase the efficiency of the finance process.

Case Study Example

Software Renewal cost 1YR – £10,000.00 + VAT
Software Renewal cost 3YR – £26,000.00 + VAT
Finance cost 3YR Renewal – £808.00 + VAT per month over 36 Months
Cost of Finance – £29,088.00 + VAT

Looking at this example we can see that if the customer chooses to go down the three-year finance option they benefit from the discount of the multiyear, of which the discount covers the cost of the finance and then some. They also benefit from the obvious perk of being able to pay monthly as opposed to paying £26,000.00 upfront which for many businesses can place a huge strain on cash flow, especially when taking other expenditure into account.

Furthermore, the price of the software is locked in for the 3 year period and so the customer does not have to worry about the inevitable price increases that are common place in the market. For more information, please get in touch today!

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