Software Leasing Division

Systems Finance have a wealth of experience in the software leasing sector, working with some of the UK’s largest and most well-established software resellers in a wide variety of sectors. Our staff have years of experience selling software on finance and so have a thorough understanding of the market, whether you provide software that your company is the author of, or you are a reseller of subscription software.

The Software Leasing Division was set up in 2012 to assist both partners and customers. We noticed as a company we were well placed to assist on the sector with our knowledge, expertise and experience in dealing with software companies, whether that was through resellers or customers that trust us with their renewals and new business enquiries.

Our goal at Systems Finance is very much to continue to grow through the building of strong relationships with resellers and authors. We build these relationships with our transparent approach that is heavily focused on our service to you through our unrivalled panel of technology banks and lenders that really understand funding software.

Switching from SAAS to Leasing Model

Do you currently sell your software in a way in which you bill the customer yourself every month? Would your company benefit from billing this software upfront for 1 – 5 years?

Systems Finance can assist. We have helped lots of companies that provide software switch to this model effectively. Allowing them to benefit from the growth and positive cash flow that billing upfront provides.

How does it work?

It is very straight forward. Salespeople will still sell on a monthly price and the customer will still pay monthly. The difference is that the customer will sign a lease agreement at the beginning of the term. Once signed the reseller (yourself) will invoice the finance company for the full amount.

Why Partner with Systems Finance?

  • First and foremost, we understand sales. We understand the urgency needed and how to approach your customer. There is nothing more important than the TRUST established. We will chase for you if required, we will be courteous and polite to your clients. We will prioritise getting your invoices paid, and we will always be on hand to see opportunities through.

  • Our working hours are 8.30am – 6pm but we regularly help salespeople with their opportunities long after the working day. We recognise that as a salesperson, you are often working past 5pm!

  • We work with over 80 lenders in the market. This gives you an unrivalled number of lenders at your disposal and whether your client is excellent credit or has struggled recently, we will have a lender for them that suits their circumstances.

  • We have access to the most innovative finance tools in the market – Instant credit decisions, E-Sign documentation and partner specific rate calculators are all at your disposal for a seamless finance bolt on for your client

  • Dedicated account managers that care about your opportunity as much as you do.

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