Scaffolding Leasing Division

Systems Finance focus on providing access to bespoke & flexible scaffolding leasing solutions.

Your company is growing, you are looking to expand but you are facing new challenges to fund your business?

We are working with a number of scaffolding companies that are now switching from renting equipment to leasing it. The monthly payments are the same, but with lease agreements by Systems Finance, you get to keep the equipment at the end of the term. This is just one of the reasons why our scaffolding finance and leasing solutions can help your business grow.

A key challenge that scaffolding firms face is identifying which assets to lease and which ones to purchase outright. With a wealth of experience across the construction industry, we are confident we can assist and steer you in the right direction.

A famous quote by Oil baron Paul Getty – “If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, lease it”.

Although this applies to all business areas, we understand the construction industry relies heavily on plant materials which usually depreciate.

Case Study Example

Tube & Board Rental – £6,500.00 + VAT p/m
Tube & Board Financed over 3YR – £3,500.00 + VAT p/m
Monthly Cost Saving – £3,000.00
Cost of Finance – £129,088.00 + VAT

Types of Scaffolding Finance Options

Asset Finance – Tubes, Boards & vehicles

Working capital – Immediate cash injections to the business

Lease these assets to get the value out of them as you pay for them across their useful lifespan.

We have helped numerous scaffolding firms with scaffolding finance and working capital loans. This has helped them secure new jobs and take huge pressure off day-to-day cash flow.

Finance options are available from 1-5 years with the majority of our customers selecting a 3-year option.

We understand that scaffolders will have a lot of their equipment already in use on various sites and urgently need more for another job to further grow the business. With our wide range of finance options and lenders we have readily available, we can deliver rapid turn arounds with the most attractive terms that work for your business.

Getting the right deal could be the deciding factor of whether your business thrives or just gets by. Here at Systems Finance, we take time to understand our client’s needs to provide bespoke finance packages.

For instance, when it comes to hiring equipment, the client can sometimes benefit from switching to a finance agreement. The reason for this is the customer will not only own the equipment at the end of the agreement, but they will also be saving money due to lower monthly repayments with tax relief benefits.

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