At Systems Finance we work with some of the UK’s most successful and established asset resellers from multiple industries. We pride ourselves on an exceptional level of service and understand what is expected from a reseller to forge a partnership that stands the test of time. We truly recognise the value of long term relationships, especially when it comes down to crunch time, you need a finance company in your corner that you know will go the extra mile, to make sure the opportunity you are working on is won.

A recent Forrester Study has shown that companies that adopts flexible finance solutions on the products/services they offer saw sales rise by up to 32%.

Benefits of Outsourcing with Systems Finance:

  • Increase Sales – Actively offering leasing can vastly increase your prospective client base, in turn boosting sale quantity as well as average order value.
  • Improves Customer Retention – Using leasing is highly effective at increasing your customer retention rate, as if a customer would like to renew or upgrade it is easily actionable due to the fact, they already have a monthly spend that is already budgeted for.
  • Eliminates Risk – If you have a customer signed up on a finance agreement and for whatever reason the company stops paying their agreement it has absolutely no effect on you as the supplier. You have been paid and will not have to reimburse any of the funds.
  • Increased Payment Speed – With invoices being paid within 24-48 hours from being sent this significantly benefits your businesses cash flow. You do not have to wait the 30/60 days that you may have become accustomed to and aren’t required to chase your customers, keeping the relationship sound.

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